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Classical Japanese Acupuncture and Moxibustion

Classical Japanese Acupuncture and Moxibustion

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In my practice of over 30 years Ted is one of the most brilliant practitioners I have ever met. I have the greatest confidence in the work he does.

Donald Goldstein, creator of unique pain management and wellness at advanced sports and chiropractic, AMS healthcare
Dear Ted, 

I can't thank you enough for all you have contributed to my mentorship this year. Because of your generosity, I have learned and experienced significantly more than I ever could have through my own research. You somehow made sense of acupuncture, Eastern philosophy, and alternative medicine to my amateur mind and didn't lose patience when I constantly asked question upon question. Your work is fascinating in itself, but your enthusiasm, knowledge and gift with healing is incredibly inspiring. You have been a major character in my journey of complete ignorance to a well grounded, basic, and growing understanding of acupuncture. You have also invested not only your professional time but a great deal of your personal time in my education. Field trips, treatments and conversations have been just as crucial as office time because you made it so. Your encouragement, support, guidance, and continuous care have touched me more than you know. This year has definitely been a fun year, largely due to your involvement in it. I have been extremely blessed with a fantastic mentor and friend through a program which I never knew would teach me so much about myself and others. Appreciation does not even cover the amount of gratitude I have to you. You will probably see me around pretty often. I still have so much to learn! 


M. Gottschalk Columbia, Maryland 

This is
Joan Ledbetter. You first treated me in 1987 (14 sessions, if I remember correctly). Every time I hear someone complain about painful backs, legs or any part of the body, I tell them how you helped me. Since that initial treatment regimen, I have had only two bouts of back pain and both were because I did something I shouldn't have. The first was in 1992 when I pushed a small box with my foot. My office was moving to a building to across the street and I thought pushing that small box wouldn't hurt anything. I called you and you told me I should come in for 1 treatment, which I did...I did not have another problem until 2011 when I raked and bagged my neighbor's leaves. She has MS, so I thought I could help her.

It is hard to express how much better my life has been since receiving the acupuncture treatments. Before the initial treatments, I was in pain every day. The medical doctors recommended surgery. I knew that was not a good option because everyone I knew who had surgery still had back problems. I overheard a co-worker talking about how acupuncture was helping her husband. I interrupted her conversation and got your phone number.

Jim and I are wondering how much of this amazing strength he's showing today (and the levels of things in his blood that shocked the oncology dept. yesterday) might be, at least in part, due to his acupuncture treatments. This immediate comeback is completely atypical. He is also noticing that his feet are (still) better than they have been in two years, and I can promise there is no placebo effect in that claim. He was convinced that nothing would ever be able to help his neuropathy. He is more like Jim today. WOW.

Now as for me, this is the first day my energy has been clear and without pain in it for 4 years.

Deb C. West Friendship, MD 
Ted is an excellent acupuncturist / pain therapy provider with a deep understanding of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems and their associated dysfunctions. I rely heavily on his knowledge of both eastern and western medical models and therapies, and he has provided great relief to me and my wife over the years.

Nick Eads 
I have received acupuncture from Ted Annenberg on and off since 2004. Ted was recommended to me and I initially sought his treatment after being diagnosed with a life changing condition. I simply wanted to feel better and after a series of visits I truly began feeling more like my normal self physically and mentally. Over the years I have continued to see Ted for various acute pain issues and I always feel better after his treatment. He is a highly skilled practitioner who explains his treatment approach while being personable and caring.

Sally Robertson 
I have known Ted for over 20 years. What struck me most about Ted when I first went to him was his ability to listen, empathize and in turn, deploy a therapy to suit my needs. He's helped me un-learn bad habits and re-learn healthier ones. He's incredibly knowledgeable, and wants very much for the patients in his care to succeed on their own. Because of Ted, I now trust my own instincts and I seek his thoughtful consultation and therapy when needed. If you are looking for a practitioner who operates with high integrity, who can connect with your situation and help you to a healthier state, I highly recommend Ted.

Laura Zaccardi 
Ted is great at what he does. His technique is excellent and he possesses the rare ability to show the body how to heal itself. He is able to quickly identify the root causes of your problem and fix them instead of just treating your symptoms. I have been recommending him to my clients for years and have never been disappointed.

Jason Maharam, Senior Nutrition Counselor, Arlington Health Center
I have known Ted for over ten years. Ted has an excellent "bed-side" manner. He is extremely caring for his patients. One of the features that makes Ted stand out is that he is well versed in both the "classical" styles of Acupuncture as well as being up to date in many modern techniques. This allows Ted to be versatile enough to provide great service for his patients.

Ken Horton 
Ted used many techniques that alleviated my conditions. I find him very easy to relate to. He will always go the "extra mile" to find solutions to chronic conditions that even primary care physicians have dismissed as not being able to treat. He is a good listener, good champion for the patient, and very resourceful. 

Rosalie Koslof 
Ted is a highly skilled, extremely knowledgeable acupuncturist. His compassion and effective treatments inspired me to become an acupuncturist. I hold him in the highest regard and would recommend him to anyone seeking alternative and complementary care.

Dawn Kulak 
I have hired Ted for acupuncture to treat various conditions over the years. His services and results for me have been highly successful. He continues to keep up to date in his field and that's why I was willing to receive both types of acupuncture from him. I no longer have symptoms for either of the conditions for which I received treatment.

Virginia Robinson 
With a medical discharge from the military in my early 30's, I had numerous chronic health issues, especially debilitating pain. After running out of effective options with conventional medicine, I believed that my health was on an irreversible downhill slide--until being treated by Ted. I remember laughing in disbelief as I experienced significant symptom(s) relief during the first acupuncture treatment. Over time I became more and more well as I realized that my health and wellness could change for the better. Many thanks to Ted for amazing results and life changing inspiration. ~Tony Saenz, Military Veteran and Clinical Acupuncture Intern

Anthony Saenz 
Ted is a superb diagnostician who quickly identified the cause of my shoulder problem, and was able to provide immediate relief of the pain. Working with my physical therapist, i was placed on a course of treatment that prevented further injuries.

Rick Weil, PMP 
Dear Dr. Annenberg: 

I have intentionally delayed writing this letter to give your treatment a test of time. I am pleased to report it withstood the test with flying colors. As your records show I first came to your office 8 September experiencing severe pains in my chest on the right side. You correctly diagnosed the case as shingles and treated, advising the first treatment was only temporary. I left your office completely pain free and feeling like a new man, however as predicted it was temporary. Thirty six hours later I was miserable, almost as bad as I was when I first came to your office. On the 11th, back for a follow-up. While making no promises you assured me my pain would not last much longer. True enough it did not, but to ease my mind, you did schedule me for another treatment on the 17th. After completing, you released me and I have felt fine ever since. I hope I never experience a similar situation, but if I do, I certainly know where to come and I will with confidence recommend you to my friends. 

J.S. Baltimore, Maryland 
To Whom it May Concern: 

This is to state that [my patient] Mr. R. suffers from degenerative arthritis of both knees and over the past eight years, he had been on non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents such as Clinoril, ibuprofen, Oruvail, and multiple other painkillers. He also has been started on Fosamax 10 mg once a day, and he has been to physical therapy on many occasions in the past. He had engaged in exercise programs, but the pain in the knees has been relentless. Over the past one month, he had gone for acupuncture performed by Ted Annenberg in Columbia, Maryland and the results have been remarkable. He has no pain. He is able to ambulate and his back is the only place that he has pain now. Given the benefits of acupuncture verses the allopathic management of his degenerative arthritis, the acupuncture treatment has shown superior results. I highly recommend further continuation of acupuncture rather than resorting to the allopathic method of treating Mr. R.'s arthritis. 

Truly yours, 

K. Dharmasena, M.D. Baltimore, Maryland 
I highly recommend Ted for his excellent skills in acupuncture. I had an issue with my elbow that I ignored for months until my wife suggested I see Ted and he fixed the problem. I've not had an issue with my elbow since. Thanks Ted

Dan Pallace 
My first visit to Ted was while I was in acupuncture school after I read an article in Acupuncture Today where Ted was being interviewed about a specific pattern of symptoms. I was impressed with his answers because they weren't full of jargon and words that laypeople wouldn't understand. His expertise in acupuncture is the best I have encountered. Not only because he produces positive results but because he never stays inside the box. Ted is always learning and developing his practice to genuinely heal his clients. I will always recommend Ted.

Judith Talman 
Ted is an amazing practitioner who knows his craft inside and out. He inherently understands how to address problems holistically, while also immediately getting to the root of specific health issues. Plus he's just a thoroughly good guy.

Steve Intlekofer
Hi Ted, 

I just wanted to say "hi" and let you know we haven't forgotten you. We think of you and always wish the best for you. We are both feeling good and are able to function well these days. You are the most-talented and gifted healthcare practitioner we have ever met or known, so it is a disservice not to enjoy the benefits of your compassionate care. Plus, we just plain like spending a little time with you. If you hadn't noticed we really like you! 

Hope to see you soon, 

Lisa and Kester, Strasburg, VA 
Ted is an excellent acupuncturist and very professional. He relieved my chronic pain immediately and worked with me longer term to understand and manage my chronic pain. I believe he is among the best in his field and I would highly recommend him.

Christian B Mahaffey, LEED AP 
I have seen Ted Annenberg over the course of 20 years for pain management issues. He is consistently improved his practice and his level of attention to his clients is excellent. Ted is an actual "care giver" to those that he treats.

Carol Hinton 
Hello Ted, 

I wanted to let you know that we are so thankful for your hospitality. However, we are most thankful for your help and treatment of Nicholas. Nicholas feels better that he ever has in the last year, and football has been fine. We will be back as soon as we can for another treatment. You were so knowledgeable and put Nicholas at ease. How nice to meet you after hearing so much about you. It was a nice weekend and it was kind of you to open your home to us. Best and we hope you are wonderful. 

Tia Kilkenny 
Ted is a gifted and compassionate healer. I trust him with my health, and have introduced him to family as well. In this recommendation, I was only allowed to choose the three attributes, but all seven apply.

Ryan Webb 
Hi Ted: 

Just wanted to relate that I left your office last night feeling the best I've felt in a year. My heel pain is almost completely gone now, and I've made major strides in the other areas, too. I look forward to taking the inventory again in a few weeks. It's an affirming benchmark.

Thanks for all the care.

Through the years I experienced few medical emergencies conventional Doctors couldn't help me. In each event Mr. Ted Annenberg provided me with immediate amazing results and educated me with all the specifics of my problem and the solution. Ted is a Great professional with a high level of integrity. 

David Shimon 
What makes a great acupuncturist? 

Ted Annenberg must know. I commend his work because of the success I experienced in his care and the trust in him that I gained. More concretely, he's exceptional in all the categories below, which I found listed at www.acupunctureschools.com. The top 10 qualities of great doctor of acupuncture. 

Shows Compassion: A good acupunctur ist will have a compassionate bedside manner that helps make patients feel comfortable and relaxed. Their empathy and reassuring nature can help alleviate fears a patient may have about needles, as well. 

Has Good Communication Skills: An acupuncturist must have excellent communication skills and be able to effectively communicate with patients from a variety of backgrounds. They must also have the skills to explain new and different concepts, and especially how acupuncture and other elements of Chinese medicine differ from Western medicine. 

Is a Good Listener: Great listening skills are imperative to anyone who works closely with people. Listening is essential to fully grasping the needs of the patient. 

Has a Strong Commitment: Commitment to the study of medicine and to one's patients is essential. Education and research help keep a physician current in the field, while a commitment to patient care demonstrates that helping to heal the public is a top priority. 

Is Knowledgeable About Health Issues: An acupuncturist should be extremely knowledgeable about different diseases and ailments as well as the many different approaches to treatment. 

Shows a Positive Attitude: Patients respond best to practitioners who seem happy to be at work and eager to help improve patient health. 

Exemplifies Humility: A good acupuncturist is not afraid to refer a patient to another specialist when the patient's health problems fall out of the scope of the acupuncturist's expertise. 

Encourages Patients: Any public health professional should encourage their patients to adopt healthy habits and continually promote good health. 

Is Active in the Community: A physician with a presence in the community demonstrates their commitment to public health and develops a rapport with community members. 

Has the Ability to Handle Pressure: An acupuncturist might find their days extremely full and stressful, and the most successful practitioner is one who can balance a full workload and manage stress.

Linda Bruce